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Mark Greenow, Director of Holiday Courses


Hi everybody

I hope you are all as excited about the summer as we are? I am hoping some of you might have some questions for me? Take care.

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Alice Khraban

Dear Mark,

My name is Alice and I'm going to visit Street Campus on weeks 1-2. My parents decided that I should take part in London Cultural Weekend and I'm very exited. But I wonder where will students spend nights during the excursion? Will we come back to campus or stay in city?

Kind regards,

Alice Khraban

Campus: Street   Weeks: 1 2

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Please can you tell me what level of English I need In order to be a mentor at the summer school, I am attending in July. Last year I was made prefict.

Thank you

Campus: Street   Weeks: 2 3 4

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Kathy Liu

Hey Mark!

I am staying in Bruton for week 1-4 and I can't wait!

I am wondering how much staff members( including teachers) will be there because I would love to give them some presents! Thank you so much!

Lots of thanks


Campus: Bruton   Weeks: 1 2 3 4

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Kseniia Grishina

Hi Mark!

I can't wait to come back to Millfield!

Last year I was in Portway house in Street and had Lily Chapman and Susie MacDonald as houseparents. I was wondering if me and my friend Mariia Leonova can be in their house this year too?

Thanks a lot

Campus: Street   Weeks: 1 2 3

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